Clearing out your Browsing History


It is very important when using this website to routinely clear your computer's "Browsing History" each time you re-visit. For those people who do not know what this means, here is a brief explanation...

When you surf the Internet, your computer stores a copy of all the information that you see on your screen, and it saves this information in something called your Browsing History. The reason it does this, is so that the next time you look at the website, it does not have to re-copy everything from the website to show it on your screen, it just shows you the image that is stored in your Browsing History from your last visit, this makes your access to that website much faster.

The problem with this is, if the website has changed since you last looked at it, then the information stored in your Browsing History will be old and you will not see the new updated information that is actually on the website.

Emptying the information in your Browsing History is easy. If you are using Windows Internet Explorer for example, simply select the "Tools" tab at the top of the menu, then select the "Delete Browsing History" option, then select the "Delete All" option, then select "Yes".

If you are using another Internet Browser such as Firefox, the process for clearing your Browsing History will be different, but the idea is the same, so you should be able to figure it out easily.

The reason it is important to do this when you re-visit this website is because this site is being updated continuously, often many times per day, so if you don't clear out your Browsing History, you probably won't see any new changes I have made.

I hope this helps you enjoy your visit.

Ray :-)